"Back Again"


Saturday, November 22, marked the 46th anniversary of one of the most memorable events in modern American history, the assassination of the thirty-fifth president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Billy, who was formerly a believer that there was more to the story than officially recognized, provided our program on the topic of the JFK assassination, conspiracy theory and myth busting and ultimately explained why he no longer believes that there was any conspiracy.


Billy explained that he has always had a fascination with the JFK assassination, probably as a result of it being burned into his head by the footage of the incident he saw as a child. As he got older he began to believe more and more that there was some sort of conspiracy involved. Recent studies, experiments and data from computer reconstructions and witness accounts, however, have convinced him otherwise. He described in detail the recent information that has influenced his opinion such as the debunking of the "pristine bullet", reconstructions showing the "angles of entry and exit" to be perfectly plausible, and validation that the "8 second shots" is possible for a trained gunman.

Thank you Billy for this very interesting program!


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