"The Producer"

Rick Swats For our program this past Wednesday, Pablo "produced" Mayor John Salem to give us the first "State of the City" address. Before he handed over the time to the Mayor, however, Pablo briefly visited on the recent college bond failure. Pablo expressed his disappointment in the bond's failure and his hopes that a future such bond would be approved. He emphasized the benefits to the community and the need for a more qualified work force.


Mayor Salem discussed several of the positive things happening with the City of Kingman including the formation and participation in the Tri-City Council, the approval of the Rattlesnake Wash for the ADOT five year plan, continued activity toward the Kingman Crossing commercial area, and approved financing for Kingman's wastewater treatment facilities.

Thank you to Pablo and John for this program.


  • We are in need of either a new Editor or a new Treasurer. Anyone interested in either job, please let a board member know as soon as possible. Remember, these positions have their membership dues comped by the club and both are great ways to get more out of Rotary.
  • The combined Polio & Wheelchair Project to Hermosillo, Mexico will be held February 13 through 15. If you are interested in going, please contact Billy ASAP. This is a first come, first serve project and there are only 40 seats available.
  • Our regular meeting for November the 19th will be a brown bag, so please plan on bringing your own lunch. The location and subject will be announced at our meeting on the 12th.
  • Jerry Ambrose from the Route 66 Rotary Club visited our club and announced their club's veteran luncheon to be held this coming November 15 at 12:00 PM at the VFW 3516. Admission is $10 for non-veterans. Thirty-three veterans and family of the Afghanistan and Iraq theatres will be honored.
  • We have gotten in some stylish new Rotary hats. They're a steal at only $10, so contact Moon to get yours today!


  • TC (Honorary Member)
  • Kirby (Honorary Member)
  • Maggie (Guest of Jack)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties:

Fines - Cobb, Invocation - Jeff, Raffle - Bill, Song - Cathy, Attendance - Jack