• Heppy Birthday Moon!


Tiger, Danny, Judy Tiger invited Danny Marcus from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to speak for the majority of the presentation. Danny introduced a non-profit that Tiger has recently been appointed the President of. The board for the Lower Colorado River Resource Conservation and Development aims to help ensure sustainability in the lower Colorado River region.

Tiger spoke for a moment as well about sustainability and introduced some energy concerns that his groups hopes to help address. For instance, he pointed out how alternative energies in Arizona, such as wind and solar, are under utilized. He also spoke briefly and fielded some questions regarding energy production by coal and nuclear fission.

Thank you Tiger!

Student Rotarian

Jill, Bob and Kelsey Our outgoing Student Rotarian, Kelsey Moon, gave a short, charismatic talk about why she is pursuing a career in elementary education. Kelsey explained that she loves children and she loves watching them learn. She has found inspiration in helping to teach her little sister throughout the years.

Kelsey hopes to teach in the 4th or 5th grades to help arm them with the skills and hope that they will need to make it to and through middle school. She wants to teach them to believe in themselves.

It is obvious that Kelsey is a wonderful individual with a lot to offer our future generations. Thank you and best of luck Kels&