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Brian provided our program "Non-Profit" in which he discussed some of the differences between a "for profit" and "not for profit" corporation, specifically as they relate to the operation of hospitals. He also provided a snapshot of where he believes KRMC is now and where he hopes to bring it in the future. Brian

The main difference between a non-profit and for-profit hospital is that a non-profit's primary purpose is to reinvest in the hospital whereas a for-profit hospital's goal is to maximize profit for stock holders while still maintaining a profitable business. Brian noted that, for KRMC, this has meant a considerable investment in staying on the cutting edge of medical technology. One such piece of technology is "Wand Fusion", an electronic way to read wristbands and ensure correct medication via direct communication with pharmacy databases. Another example is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber which can aid greatly in the healing cycle of certain types of injuries.

Although he relayed several statistics that place KRMC above average hospitals in many respects, Brian also discussed some of the areas that he would like to see KRMC improve on to become a better facility. The introduction of an open-heart center and continued acquisition of additional physicians were two such areas.

It was great to hear about some of the directions that KRMC is moving in, and we thank you Brian for the informative program!


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