Wink Wink came to the rescue for us Wednesday and provided our program. He told us a little bit about some of the events going on with the museum including the recent release of an exhibit featuring oils paintings of all of the US presidents and their significant others. The museum also recently held a ribbon cutting for their new mining exhibit.

Thank you Wink for filling in and thanks for the super calendars!



  • This is just a reminder that our installation barbecue will be coming up soon on June 22, 2008 at 2:00 PM at Rec Area 3 in the Haualpais. We will try to have a map up soon as well to make finding it a little easier.
  • We are looking for a chairperson for our Vocational Fund. If you are interested in finding a way to increase your involvement and help out the club, please contact any board member about this exciting opportunity.
  • Our club was recently recognized for our highway clean up efforts over the years. Thank you to JC for always setting this project up and ensuring a fun and productive time for everyone!
  • Roger and Oz Oz Enderby was inducted as our club's newest member. Oz has joined under the classification of School Administrator. Remember to shake Oz's hand and show him true Rotary fellowship.
  • There will be a new member orientation this coming June 26 at 7:00 AM at Calico's. John, Zach and Oz will be attending and, of course, all other members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
  • Zach returned from a recent trip to Blythe where he traded banners and increased our banner collection yet again. Thanks Zach!
  • We would like to build / acquire a display of some sort to showcase our many Rotary banners. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know at our next meeting.


  • TC (Honorary Rotarian)
  • Ellis (Honorary Rotarian)
  • Ray Osuna (Visiting Rotarian)
  • Miles Willard (Guest of Bill)
  • Allen Claus (Visiting Rotarian)
  • Thanks

    Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties!

    Raffle Tickets - Dimitri, Invocation - Jeff, Song - Cathy, Fines - Cullen