Our club is constantly growing and we are always looking at ways to improve our club. We have recently implemented a "Mentor" program to help involve more members in taking leadership roles in the club. Learn more about how you can become a mentor or protegé today!

Our club is growing well and we are excited to see many new faces. Billy is doing a great job of bringing back some of the traditions of inductions and responsibilities of new members. This coming November will mark 85 years since our club was first organized and we all want to ensure that it is as energetic and meaningful as it was then.

At the board meeting this week we discussed implementing a "Mentor" program where we encourage our more experienced members to head up a committe and select a newer member to work with. With so many experienced and accomplished members with a wealth of knowledge of Rotary, our events and activities, business and life, it would be tremendous for the club to pass it on to our newer members and carry on the legacy.

For any current directors / chairs that have not grabbed up any of the new members, please do so and get them active on your committees! For those of you new members that have not gotten involved with a committee or have not held a point-position in one, please contact one of the directors / chairs to find out how you can jump in.