"No Show"

One of the goals of Rotary is to recruit and retain great members that will further Rotary ambitions and represent Rotary ideals. Our District Governor, Charlie Tegarden, pointed out in his recent visit to our club how important member development is and how important it is for members to have fun in service. We have taken these ideas to heart and are exploring ways to make our club more attractive for our current members and prospective members.


Using the opportunity of an unfilled program spot, we participated in a few activities aimed at determining the best aspects of our club, and the areas needing the most improvement. We also collaborated to try and document some of our activities to improve them and record them for future members. A lot of great feedback was received through these activities and we will be actively moving as a club to address many of issues raised right away.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us your thoughts and time!


  • We inducted our newest member, Kerry Herbine, General Manager at Mohave Wireless. Kerry is married, has four young children and has worked in the cellular industry for a number of years. Kerry is looking to be in Kingman for the long term and will be a great addition to our club! Welcome Kerry, and thank you Stephen for introducing him to us!
  • JC led another successful Clean Up Project this past October 4th. Attendance was low, with only seven members present, but they still managed to clean up around 36 bags of garbage from our stretch of the highway. Thank you JC for always taking charge and getting this project taken care of and thank you to Rod, Art, Rene, Bill, Rick, and Dana - we appreciate it! Next time we want to shoot for increased attendance so please come on out - it is a great opportunity for fellowship and service!
  • We have gotten in some stylish new Rotary hats. They're a steal at only $10, so contact Moon to get yours today!


  • William Wales (Guest of Phil)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties!