"Student Rotarian"

Richelle Benton Our outgoing Student Rotarian, Richelle Benton, gave a brief talk about her education and career goals of becoming a mechanical engineer. She was first inspired to the field when in London upon viewing the London Eye. She was further convinced that engineering would be her tool for "service above self" when she witness hurricane Katrina and the resulting disasters resulting from the under-engineering of the dikes.


Richelle will be attending NAU this coming fall and we wish her the best. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Richelle, and come back any time!

"Head Coach"

Jamie Nelson and Roger Jacks For our most recent program, Roger invited Jamie Nelson, the KUSD head football coach to speak with us a bit about his coaching philosophy and goals.

Coach Nelson grew up in North Dakota in a rural setting where hard work and responsibility shaped his outlook, work ethic and life philosophies. He has held many jobs in the athletic arena from handling equipment to strength training to his current role of head coach and tries to bring together all of his experiences to benefit the students that he coaches. His overall philosophy is that a job should be done and done correctly and he preaches this to his players.

Jamie spoke briefly about how the responsibilities of a head coach differentiate his day to day experiences from those of his days as an assistant coach. As an assistant coach he was able to focus completely on the players and their development. In a head coach position, however, Jamie has had to learn to manage his time between team activities and the administrative tasks that are necessary to manage a high school team.

Thank you to Jamie and Roger for this presentation and best of luck to you and the Kingman Bulldogs!


  • The Rotary Leadership Institute will be hosting session 1 in Lake Havasu City this coming January 31. Please attend if you can fit it into your schedule, it's a great opportunity to get more out of Rotary. And remember, the tuition is paid by our club.
  • USA Friendship Conference will be held October 30 through November 2. We will be bringing one project along with us to round up some funding.
  • As a result of comments from our recent survey, absence fines have been reduced to $1. Because absence fines represented a good deal of income in the club budget, we will need to compensate by getting another fund raiser together this coming year or consider a membership fee increase (remember that right now our membership fees are roughly the cost of the lunch once a week).
  • October 29th (our next meeting) is the 5th Wednesday of the month, so please remember to bring your significant other along with you.
  • William Wales We inducted our newest member, William Wales who was sponsored by Phil. William has four children and four grand children. He moved here from California some years ago because he felt that Kingman was on route to be a dynamic and growing community. He now runs his own tax accounting business here in Kingman. We are happy to have you aboard!
  • We have gotten in some stylish new Rotary hats. They're a steal at only $10, so contact Moon to get yours today!


  • Richelle Benton (Outgoing Student Rotarian)
  • Heather Oder (Incoming Student Rotarian)
  • Dan Ganter (Visiting Rotarian)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties:

Mystery Rotarian - Art, Fines - Randy, Invocation - Jeff, Raffle - William Wales, Attendance - Jack