"Student Rotarian"

Cory Litzinger Our outgoing Student Rotarian, Cory Litzinger, gave a short talk for his third visit this past week. He took his time to tell us a little bit about what he has been up to as well as some of his short and long term goals.


Cory is currently enrolled in dual credit courses with MCC and involved in various school clubs. He is a third year letterman from baseball and is excited to go to Glendale Community College on recruitment for baseball. Core is planning on majoring in medecine and, in the long term, he would like to become a doctor.

Thank you Cory, congratulations and best of luck to you! Don't forget to come back to Kingman and see us again.

"Out to Pasture"

Billy and Steve Crouch

Billy, who as we know is our immediate Past President, took a few minutes to explain that just because he isn't the president anymore doesn't mean that he is "out to pasture". He has assumed various District responsibilities including the Wheelchair Project Chairman position and may soon be looking at more. Aside from his new Rotary responsibilities, Billy is also having fun working on his 5K time. He recently participated int he Dick Tomlin "Spirit of Triathlon" sprint relay race along with Nov and they took 2nd place. They're gunning for 1st place next year.

After filling us in on what he's been up to, Billy introduced Steve Crouch from Unisource Electric to tell us a little bit about what's going on with Unisource and "green" energy. Steve introduced several programs and incentives that Unisource is currently offering for gas and electric clients including solar, daylighting, wind, solar space heating, and bio-mass / bio-gas. He also pointed out several incentives such as tax deductions and credits available from the state and federal government in connection with clients installing energy saving and energy producing systems in their homes.

Thank you to Billy and Steve for our informative program!


  • The Annual Casa Grande fundraiser is coming up. Contact Billy for more information if you are interested in attending this year.
  • The Rotary Leadership Institute is coming up this January 31st and will be focused on membership and retention. Modules 1-3 will be held in Wickenberg and module 1 will also be held in Lake Havasu City. These conferences are a great way to learn more about Rotary and become more involved - and remember, the club pays the $170.00 event fee. Contact Moon if you are interested in attending.
  • The President's Membership Conference is also coming up this January 9th.
  • Our next board meeting will be held at Billy's house. Contact Billy for directions if you plan on attending.
  • The combined Polio & Wheelchair Project to Hermosillo, Mexico will be held February 13 through 15. If you are interested in going, please contact Billy ASAP. This is a first come, first serve project and there are only 40 seats available.
  • Just a reminder, our 19th meeting (today) WILL NOT BE A BROWN BAG. Instead we will be canceling our meeting on New Year's Eve to help fund our commitment to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation matching for the Rotary Foundation.
  • We have gotten in some stylish new Rotary hats. They're a steal at only $10, so contact Moon to get yours today!


  • Ellis (Honorary Member)
  • TC (Honorary Member)
  • Kirby (Honorary Member)
  • Cory, his mother and father (Outgoing Student Rotarian)
  • Ray Osuna (Visiting Rotarian)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties:

Fines - Zach, Invocation - Jeff, Raffle - Stephen, Song - Zach, Attendance - Jack