Randy the Lego Man Randy presented our program, "Lego Man" in which he talked about the building block of construction, concrete, and related it a bit to the popular toy Legos. Both concrete and masonry are versatile and very common, though it could be said that concrete is slightly more prevalent and useful for large construction.


Concrete is most useful when used in conjunction with a few other items, namely rebar, ABC, and forms. Concrete has great compressive strength (you can push on it really hard), however it has poor tensile strength (pull and bending it breaks it easily). Placing rebar in the concrete lends it the tensile strength of the steel in the rebar greatly increasing its available applications. Randy also noted, that strong concrete on week ground is not terribly useful, since a slab is only as good as the ground its poured on. Using well compacted ABC (which is an aggregate) helps stabilize the surface under the slab and lends it the additional support that it needs. Finally, forms provide a "mold" for the concrete. Since concrete is a liquid initially, forms provide it structure while it cures (hardens).

Randy also gave us some fun facts, figures and calculations for masonry construction. One point of interest is that the tallest masonry construction building in existence is the Excalibur right next door in Las Vegas. An interesting lego fact is that Lego has produced several specialty lego people including Castro and Stephen Hawking. Additionally, over 400 billion lego blocks have been produced since 1949 - wow!

Thanks for the great presentation Randy and the great foundation in masonry!


  • Allen Claus Our newest member, Allen Claus, was inducted. Allen came here from Chicago, where he was also involved in Rotary. Allen has a wide and varied background having worked in statistics, consulting, education, banking and other fields. He and his wife were looking for a place to move where he could work for a great educational institution and they liked what they saw with MCC. Allen is now the Assistant Vice Chancellor of University Advancement for MCC. Welcome to the club Allen!
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