"Finally Off Probation"

Danny and Jaime from KRMC Rod gave our program this past week with guest speakers from Kingman Regional Medical Center Jaime and Danny. Jaime and Danny are working with the new Wound Center and spoke to us a bit about the center, focusing on the new hyperbaric treatment technologies.


Danny explained that KRMC has decided that the Wound Center will beneficial to the community because it will offer more inclusive handling of wounds, beyond just treatment. The center will include a multidisciplinary approach where collaboration and communication among the different applicable specialties will result in an overall plan to treat and prevent wounds.

The new Wound Center will feature two Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (HBO2) which have been shown to greatly increase the rate of healing of many types of wounds. The chambers work by increasing oxygen distribution throughout the patient's body by introducing them into a controlled, pressurized, 100% oxygen environment for different durations of time. The increased oxygenation in the body helps promote the body's ability to heal itself by stimulating white blood cell performance and blood vessel growth.

Thank you Rod, Danny and Jaime for this informative presentation!


  • Cobb has taken over as our new Club Treasurer! Thank you so much Cobb for taking on this responsibility and thank you to Art for your many years of service in this position!
  • Our annual food drive is now in full swing. If you are interested in making a donation we will be passing the hat at our December 17th meeting. Please make any checks payable to the Kingman Area Food Bank.
  • We received a request from a local high school student, Angel, for a donation. Angel has been selected to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum but the expense of $2,000 is more than she is able to afford. If you would like to help sponsor Angel, contact Moon.
  • Wednesday, December 31 is the fifth Wednesday of the week so please bring your significant other to our meeting.
  • Our December 24 Rotary meeting has been canceled for the holiday.
  • We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring two Interact members for RYLA this year: Nate Lacaze and Lee Stevens.
  • Our annual "Ring in the New Year" party will be held in January this year (not during Super Bowl Weekend) so please make sure you slot off the time for some good friends and good food.
  • We have gotten in some stylish new Rotary hats. They're a steal at only $10, so contact Moon to get yours today!


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Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties:

Fines - Cullen, Invocation - Cathy, Raffle - Zach, Song - Zach, Attendance - Jack, Mystery Rotarian - Cathy