"Report Card"

Amy West, Betsy Parker, Roger Jacks, Don VanBrunt Roger provided our program, "Report Card" in which he invited staff from the Kingman Unified School District to give an informational presentation on the proposed JTED (Joint Technical Education District) which will appear on the ballot for the upcoming November elections.


Amy West and Betsy Park from KUSD introduced the JTED concept, gave a brief historical background and explained how the proposed district would function in our area. The explained that the goal of the proposed district is to create a better community workforce by preparing youth for careers directly out of high school. Although there were no statistics provided, Don VanBrunt indicated that areas that have implemented JTEDs have seen an increase in viable workforce even as other areas without JTEDs workforces have declined.

Amy, Betsy and Don provided a great deal of additional information regarding funding and programs with regard to the proposed JTED and handed out literature. They plan to have a website up soon which will provide all of this information and more, but for now anyone with questions may contact Amy West.

Thank you Roger and guests for the informative presentation.


  • We have received a letter of resignation from Ted Parks citing ongoing health issues as the reason. We're sorry to see Ted go and wish him the best.
  • Billy announced that the wheel chair project will not take place in Culiacan, Mexico as originally anticipated due to some unsafe conditions. He will update us as news arrives for the replanning of this event.


  • Kirby (Honorary Member)
  • Ray Osuna (Visiting Rotarian)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties!

Raffle Tickets - Cobb, Invocation - Jeff, Song - Cathy, Fines - Cullen, Attendance - Jack