"Be Prepared"

Zach provided our program, "Be Prepared" this past week on none other than the topic of Boy Scouts - where did that come from? He introduced and gave a little overview of the Boy Scouts program and the advancement schedule from Bobcat to Eagle Scout and everything in between. He also spoke a little bit about some of the other programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America such as Venture programs.


In addition to the background on scouting and what the different levels involve, Zach described scouting as a way to keep kids and young adults active and out enjoying the fresh air while learning valuable life skills. He showed us a few different knot-tieing techniques and we even got to try them out. We also had a test on what we learned from the presentation and the winner (Brian) received a gift certificate as his prize.

Zach also mentioned the importance of being prepared in our own lives. He noted the importance of having a "72 Hour Kit" ready at everyone's homes in case of emergency. The aptly named kit is intended to carry all of the supplies that should be needed to support your whole family (yes pets too) for up to three days. A few things to remember are water (5 gallons per person minimum), flashlights, food, blankets, diapers (if applicable), and a radio.

Thanks for the very informative and fun presentation Zach!


  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with Google have provided several million dollars (over $3.5 M) to the Rotary Foundation to be matched by the foundation. This means that all of our Foundation contributions will be matched by these funds, so our contributions are going to do twice as much to help eradicate Polio.

  • The Route 66 Rotary Club will be hosting a Senior Center Spaghetti Dinner on August 22 and would like to invite members of our club to join as well. For details, see the Route 66 Rotary website.

  • You can now get your Rotary sponsored credit card. When you spend money with it, a portion of the fees are contributed to the Rotary Foundation. To learn more, see the Rotary International website.

  • There will be an RI Training coming up in Williams September 13. For more information on RI Training events, see the RI website.

  • The District is still in search for individuals who are wheelchair bound and are interested in making up part of the outgoing GSE team. If you know anyone that may be interested, please contact Billy

  • We are looking for a chairperson for our Vocational Fund. If you are interested in finding a way to increase your involvement and help out the club, please contact any board member about this exciting opportunity.

  • District Governor Charlie Teagarden will be visiting our club this September 24th, so please sure to attend and show your support.

  • The MCC Chancellor is interested in providing a program in the near future. If anyone would like to invite him to speak, please contact Billy.

  • Kingman recently appeared on ABC News and our own Roger Jacks was quoted.

Board Meeting Recap

At the recent August 11 Rotary Governing Board meeting, members discussed a possible new community event and fund raiser. The concept will be a Halloween bowling event. Please contact any board member with ideas to help make this a successful event.

The Board also discussed preparing a donation for Lydia Chang.


  • Mark (Guest of Wink)

  • Nate (Guest of Charlie)

  • Tom Clark (Visiting Rotarian)


Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties!

Raffle Tickets - Phil, Invocation - Brian, Song - Cathy, Fines - Cullen