"Welcome Back" by Eric

Eric provided our program "Welcome Back!" for which he invited John Salem (Route 66 Rotarian and Kingman Mayor-Elect) to tell us a little bit about himself. John began with a disclaimer that these stories were for us Rotarians only, so I will forgo the details of several very humorous stories that he regaled us with. If you didn't make it, you'll have to meet him down at City Hall and find out what you missed. Brian

Thanks for the entertainment Eric and John!



  • JC and Billy attended the fence building project for the wildlife refuge this past weekend. Attendance was low and Rotary represented 100% of the community organizations in attendance
  • It was brought to our attention that William recently recieved the most prestigious award offered by the Arizona Historical Society. Congratulations William!
  • Our favorite guest singer, Leah Ott, was accepted into the Disney Intern program which is a REALLY BIG DEAL! Congratulations to Leah!
  • Rick recently bagged a 20lb turkey (not at Safeway)
  • Art recently took second place in a big fishing tournament near Alamo, nice job Art!


  • Shelly (Wife of Moon)
  • Tammy (Wife of Charlie)
  • Jamie (Wife of Scottie)
  • Kathy (Wife of Rat)
  • Dan Ganter (Visiting Rotarian)
  • Oz Enderby (Guest of Roger)
  • Zach Larsen (Guest of Mo)
  • Preston & Troy (Guests of Charlie)
  • Ed Thomas (Guest of Scottie)
  • Thanks

    Thank you to all of the members that helped with duties!

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